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22 January 2015

UN agencies predominate as major first-level recipients to the Iraq Strategic Response Plan

Only 4% of humanitarian funding from international donors has been given directly to non-governmental organisations (NGOs); UN agencies have been the main first-level recipients.
Guest author

Written by Charlotte Lattimer

16 January 2015

The financial response to Ebola: Are there links between funding flows to countries and the number of cases?

The financial response to Ebola: Are there links between funding flows to countries and the number of cases?
10 January 2015

Targeting the poorest 20%: the case of least developed countries

Aid to LDCs On the face of it, proportions of aid are broadly comparable to these shares. LDCs received 30% of total official development assistance (ODA)
9 January 2015

The national details behind the global trends: 69 GHA country profiles now available

Today we are launching 12 new humanitarian country profiles, as well as updates of the existing 57. These include two new donor profiles, Luxembourg and It
12 November 2014

The future of ODA: targeting people not countries to end poverty by 2030

Targeting ODA at poor people, wherever they are: New research from DI presented at the Finance for Development Third Substantive Session, November 2014

Written by Harpinder Collacott

Chief Executive Officer

23 May 2014

Understanding the role of ‘Zakat’ in humanitarian response

This is a guest blog by Amjad Mohamed Saleem. ‘Zakat’ is the Muslim practice of charitable giving based on accumulated wealth. It is one of the five pillar
11 April 2014

The role of the private sector: financing a post-2015 agenda for sustainable development

A new report from the European Parliament finds that transparency and accountability will be essential in post-2015 public-private development partnerships.
22 November 2013

How does the response to typhoon Haiyan compare with other recent natural disasters?

The response to typhoon Haiyan compared with other recent natural disasters. The generous response is still 6x lower than 2 weeks after the 2004 tsunami.

Written by Sophia Swithern


12 November 2013

Economic growth won’t be enough to help Uganda’s poorest

The 2013 Chronic Poverty Report makes sobering reading, and demonstrates that growth alone will not be enough to tackle poverty in Uganda.
Guest author

Written by Cordelia Lonsdale