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What we do

DI works closely with partners to ensure data-driven evidence and analysis are used effectively in policy and practice to end poverty.

What we are working on

Data landscaping

Gender equality and intersecting vulnerabilities

Counting people and inclusive data

Humanitarian assistance and crisis finance

Development finance

Supporting partners to use data for impact

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Where we work

We work at global, regional, national and local levels. With staff in Kenya, Uganda, the UK and the US, and partners in many other regions and countries, we have networks to make an impact across the globe. Our head office is in Bristol, UK.

The map below shows the 78 countries that our work has covered in the last five years.

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Our expertise

  • We are able to access, compile, interpret and visualise a vast range of different data to bring new evidence and understanding to light. We are skilled in quantitative and qualitative data collection and analysis, and adept at creating and using different methodological approaches to deliver richer insights.

  • We can find and scrape data that is difficult to access, for example data sitting in pdfs or IATI XML files. This allows us to discover new information and evidence on a topic or issue we need to explore. We are adept at joining up datasets and making them interoperable to bring insights that would otherwise be impossible to produce. We also drive significant efficiencies in our data analysis by automating key processes and provide important quality checks that mitigate against human error in the collection and manipulation of data.

  • We use project management best practice to ensure meticulous planning and execution of every stage of our project’s life-cycle. We ensure we have a clear brief to work to and that our project teams deliver top-quality work on time and to budget. Monitoring, evaluation and impact of our projects is a key part of delivery; capturing the delivery of key milestones and facilitating important learning as we go ensures we remain impact focused in everything we do.

  • We know how to produce analysis, evidence and messages that are compelling for policy actors and decision-makers. We understand the best tactics and approaches to persuade, advise or inform our target stakeholders to drive change.

  • We are expert in turning complex data and technical information into accessible content, including the creation of infographics and data visualisations. We package and disseminate content to meet the needs of our target audiences, and ensure it is optimised for uptake and use.

  • We regularly collaborate to share skills, knowledge and experience with a range of organisations where we can support each other and both make greater progress than we could ever achieve alone. We deliver many projects in formal partnership with other organisations where we combine expertise to deliver shared objectives. We are also valuable members of a range of multistakeholder initiatives that are focussed on improving data for sustainable development.

Our consultancy services

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We bring over 28 years of experience and expertise to help you achieve your goals. Our consultancy services are delivered by a highly skilled team. We cover data analysis, policy research and influencing, data communications and data science, and bring extensive and in-depth knowledge on a range of issues. These include poverty, development finance, crisis finance, humanitarian assistance, domestic resources, and data transparency, quality and use. We work at global, regional, national and subnational levels. In the last three years, our consultancy projects have covered 57 countries across the world. We have a physical presence in Kenya and Uganda, and work with in-country partners in many other places.

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