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31 October 2023

Data Governance: Do all global problems require global solutions?

DI's Bill Anderson highlights some of the complexities in aiming for a global consensus on data governance, and shares our data governance database as part of DI's commitment to digital public goods.

Written by Bill Anderson

Knowledge & Innovation Lead

27 June 2023

Artificial intelligence for public good

DI's Claudia Wells explains how artificial intelligence (AI) could be used to enhance data systems in low- and middle-income countries while outlining the ethical considerations that must be taken into account when harnessing this technology.

Written by Claudia Wells

Director of Data & Evidence

19 May 2023

SDG learnings from the World Data Forum in Hangzhou: Falling between stools and masters

Are the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) trying to be too many things to too many people? Is this the reason for the challenges documented in our recent discussion paper on the SDG monitoring framework?

Written by

Bill Anderson, Claudia Wells

28 February 2023

The price of poverty: interpreting the updated extreme poverty line

In 2022, the World Bank updated the extreme poverty line; Zach Christensen makes sense of what this means for understanding how people experience poverty.

Written by Zach Christensen

Senior Analyst

11 January 2023

Martin Ravallion's contribution to poverty reduction: a tribute

Martin Ravallion, the architect of the extreme poverty line, passed away on 24 December 2022. Deborah Hardoon looks at his impact on DI’s work, and pays tribute to him

Written by Deborah Hardoon

Poverty & Inequality Lead

25 November 2022

The data behind the debate over Uganda’s income status

DI's Zach Christensen and Dean Breed look into the contested statistics behind the dispute between UBOS and the World Bank about Uganda's income status.

Written by

Zach Christensen, Dean Breed

2 November 2022

Action on poverty and inequality needs locally owned data

Reflecting on the recent OECD-DAC Community of Practice on Poverty and Inequalities meeting, Deborah Hardoon explains why locally owned data on people, finance and risk is essential to taking action on rising poverty and inequality.

Written by Deborah Hardoon

Poverty & Inequality Lead

20 September 2022

To leave no one behind, we must use data to address climate inequalities

As climate change compounds and exacerbates global inequalities, DI’s Deborah Hardoon explains how data can be used to protect those most vulnerable to its impacts.

Written by Deborah Hardoon

Poverty & Inequality Lead

22 March 2022

Data kitchens – putting users at the centre of development solutions

Following the 53rd session of the UN Statistical Commission, DI’s Claudia Wells unpacks what putting users at the heart of data solutions really means

Written by Claudia Wells

Director of Data & Evidence