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Climate finance: Earning trust through consistent reporting

Exploring the climate finance reporting landscape, with recommendations for consistent measurement over time and between providers to improve volume and effectiveness.

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Development Initiatives (DI) is a global organisation harnessing the power of data and evidence to end poverty, reduce inequality and increase resilience.

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We work closely with partners at global, regional, national and local levels to ensure data-driven evidence and analysis are used effectively in policy and practice. We undertake an exciting portfolio of grant-funded work as well as providing consultancy services.

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27 June 2024

Climate finance: A credibility gap? Webinar recording

Join leading experts as they explore problems with current climate finance reporting, transparency and accountability. What should count towards a New Collective Quantified Goal on Climate Finance, and who should decide?

1 March 2024

Missing baselines: have recent increases in climate finance been exaggerated?

To what extent might increases in climate finance since 2009 be due to changes in reporting practices? We used a natural language processing model and backcast the results to find out.

Written by Euan Ritchie

Senior Development Finance Policy Advisor

23 April 2024

Do we need a common definition of climate finance? It depends who you ask

The diversity of climate finance definitions makes it difficult to know how much donors have truly spent, undermining accountability. As parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change adopt a New Collective Quantified Goal on Climate Finance in 2024, they must agree on what should count towards it.

Written by Euan Ritchie

Senior Development Finance Policy Advisor

23 September 2022

Wealthy countries may be contributing less to global climate finance than we think

DI’s Euan Ritchie examines Japan's climate finance reporting, and why it shows that transparency is vital to understanding how much is really being spent

Written by Euan Ritchie

Senior Development Finance Policy Advisor

11 March 2024

Gender equality and climate adaptation: closing the data gap

New analysis from Development Initiatives shows there are challenges tracking investment in gender-responsive climate finance, with only 0.1% of total bilateral DAC ODA going to projects specifically targeting climate adaptation and gender.

Written by Fionna Smyth

Director of Influence & Growth

1 December 2023

Is climate finance wrongly reported by over a billion dollars per year?

We used AI to assess how the World Bank and the UK are recording climate funds. Our model identifies one in five of the Bank's projects as appearing suspicious and warranting further investigation, compared with the UK's one in 50.

Written by Alex Miller

Senior Data Scientist

22 April 2024

The conundrum of climate financing: Where is the money?

How can we ensure impactful climate action, mobilising greater funding for low-income and climate vulnerable economies, without compromising pathways for prosperity?

Written by Martha Getachew Bekele

Delivery, Quality & Impact Lead

18 April 2024

Japan and the US offset EU aid squeeze in 2023, but the outlook on aid is poor

New data shows an overall increase in aid in 2023, notably from Japan and the US, but forthcoming cuts from Germany and France may be a sign of worse to come.

Written by Euan Ritchie

Senior Development Finance Policy Advisor

12 April 2024

New aid data highlights ongoing global challenges

New data from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) shows that aid to Ukraine and other humanitarian crises remained high in 2023, while support for countries facing long-term challenges, despite a small upturn, continued to lag.

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