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1 March 2024

Missing baselines: have recent increases in climate finance been exaggerated?

To what extent might increases in climate finance since 2009 be due to changes in reporting practices? We used a natural language processing model and backcast the results to find out.

Written by Euan Ritchie

Senior Development Finance Policy Advisor

23 January 2024

What the OECD’s latest data tells us about global aid in 2022

What does the OECD DAC's latest aid data show about the disbursement of ODA in 2022? This blog discusses some of the trends shown by the data, including top recipients, ODA to LDCs and the increasing cost of loans.

Written by Euan Ritchie

Senior Development Finance Policy Advisor

13 December 2023

Three reasons why refugee-led organisations need to be front and centre at this Global Refugee Forum

Excluding refugee-led organisations (RLOs) from the formal refugee response is a lose-lose. Organisations led by refugees play a critical role in the lives of displaced communities. But they have been underfunded and overlooked by the international community for years.

Written by

Caitlin Sturridge, Fran Girling-Morris, Maysa Ismael, Amy Croome

11 December 2023

What does limited progress at COP28 mean for Africa?

From COP28, DI’s Martha Bekele reflects on the unfairness of those who have little to do with emissions shouldering the effects of climate change and struggling with the costs the system imposes

Written by Martha Getachew Bekele

Delivery, Quality & Impact Lead

6 December 2023

Global Public Investment and ocean protection

On 9 December, COP28 will consider Nature, Land Use and Oceans. Marine ecosystems stabilise the climate and support human wellbeing. Can GPI help us conserve and use oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development?

Written by

Gail Hurley (Independent Senior Development Finance Expert), Mohammed Ali-Hassan

4 December 2023

How can AI be used to improve predictions of humanitarian need?

We used machine learning to project the possible impacts of different climate change scenarios on humanitarian need. What might the future hold?

Written by Alex Miller

Senior Data Scientist

1 December 2023

Is climate finance wrongly reported by over a billion dollars per year?

We used AI to assess how the World Bank and the UK are recording climate funds. Our model identifies one in five of the Bank's projects as appearing suspicious and warranting further investigation, compared with the UK's one in 50.

Written by Alex Miller

Senior Data Scientist

29 November 2023

When the data doesn’t tell the full story: improving gender-responsive climate finance

How can we change the climate finance system to improve accountability and ensure that decisions and policies learn from the insights of women on the front line of the climate crisis?

Written by Mariam Ibrahim

Growth & Partnerships Lead

13 November 2023

Overlooked and undervalued: tracking funding to refugee-led organisations

Refugee-led organisations play a key but overlooked role in humanitarian action. How can new insights on their funding drive inclusive changes to enhance transparency, funding and advocacy?

Written by Carina Chicet

Senior Analyst