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22 January 2016

Will a 'grand bargain' solve the humanitarian funding crisis?

This article was originally written for the Guardian Development Professionals Network as an opinion-piece looking at the High Level Panel on Humanitarian
13 January 2016

The challenges facing national institutions in leading their poverty eradications agendas

In July of last year there was universal agreement under the Addis Ababa Action Agenda on the need for national institutions to be at the heart of, and hav

Written by Richard Watts

Senior Analyst

16 December 2015

UN-coordinated appeals 2016 – another rise, another anticipated shortfall?

Last week, the UN launched the annual global appeal for humanitarian funding – the Global Humanitarian Overview. And once again, now for the fourth year ru
3 December 2015

Aid for helping countries protect themselves against climate change is not targeted at the most vulnerable countries

Size of bubbles represents volume of adaptation-related ODA commitments in 2013, US$ millions. Vulnerability to climate change is defined as a country’s ex

Written by Jordan Beecher

Capacity & Capability Developer

18 November 2015

Improving African national statistical systems will change lives

Better data for better lives Data should be the basis for decision making. Better data relates to better lives through better policies, programmes, and bet
Guest author

Written by Wilbrod Ntawiha

27 October 2015

What does the new extreme poverty data show?

New World Bank data leaves our understanding of the distribution of extreme poverty and projections largely unchanged, but confirms past global poverty tar
20 October 2015

What to do with one and a half billion dollars...

In developed countries poverty and its effects are counted by national and local government departments using data collected in the course of the planning,

Written by Bill Anderson

Knowledge & Innovation Lead

6 October 2015

Humanitarian assistance to fragile states is often volatile and unpredictable

Aid provided to fragile and conflict-affected states is often volatile and unpredictable. Across all 70 countries classified as fragile states in 2013, 36
5 October 2015

Five reasons why ending poverty will be tougher than halving it has been

In late September, the UN General Assembly ratified the Sustainable Development Goals. These are a new set of global goals established to replace the Mille