Image by Viengsompasong Inthavong / World Bank


30 July 2018

Harpinder Collacott appointed to Bond board

DI’s Executive Director Harpinder Collacott has joined the board of Bond, the UK network for organisations working in international development.

27 July 2018

Africa Office to host SDGs Kenya Forum

Development Initiatives’ Africa Office will host the SDGs Kenya Forum in 2018.

25 July 2018

DI signs the Global Disability Summit’s Charter for Change

DI has signed the Charter for Change, calling for the collection and use of better data to characterise the challenges faced by people with disabilities.

2 July 2018

We are seeking three new Board members to join us at an exciting time of growth

Development Initiatives (DI) is looking for three new board members with strong leadership skills, a strategic mindset and experience with social justice.

28 June 2018

Development Initiatives’ progress in 2017

Our latest progress report showcases 2017’s achievements, how they are taking us toward realising our mission, and how DI uses partnerships to foster change.

13 June 2018

What do the 2018/2019 national budget estimates mean for Kenya's poorest households?

Development Initiatives has published a new report: Pro-poor analysis of Kenya’s 2018/19 budget estimates: what do the numbers tell us?

24 May 2018

Angela Kageni appointed Head of Development Initiatives’ Africa Office

Angela will ensure DI continues to deliver its vision: to end poverty and build a world where everyone shares in the benefits of opportunity and growth.

23 January 2018

Development Initiatives named new host of the Global Nutrition Report

Development Initiatives (DI) will run the Global Nutrition Report for the next three years. DI was chosen by the Global Nutrition Report Stakeholder Group.

20 November 2017

What’s next for data interoperability?

Based on research and learning inputs and interviews with key stakeholders, this report identifies five ‘frontiers’ for data interoperability policy.