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18 March 2019

The next step for Grand Bargain transparency – from data publication to data use

DI's Angus Urquhart and Senior Consultant Lisa Walmsley analyse signatories' progress against the Grand Bargain transparency commitment.

18 September 2018

A missed opportunity to improve UK aid

The UK government has released a response to the IDC report, which points to a lack of development focus in UK departments and poor progress on transparency

Written by Amy Dodd

Head of Engagement

19 June 2018

Placing affected people at the heart of the Grand Bargain transparency commitment

2018 is important for the Grand Bargain’s first workstream: greater transparency.

Written by Harpinder Collacott

Chief Executive Officer

18 June 2018

Increasing the use of IATI data in country systems – reflections from Senegal and Madagascar

Petya Kangalova explores the use of IATI data in country aid information management systems (AIMS), with pilot projects in Senegal and Madagascar.

Written by

Conrad Zellmann, Petya Kangalova

17 May 2018

Connecting IATI and FTS for streamlined humanitarian reporting

An introduction to a pilot project that aims to provide an automated way for organizations to publish information about their humanitarian funding.

11 April 2018

Aid data use at country level: The example of Nepal

There are increasing efforts to improve how aid data is shared in Nepal. The AMP reflects a growing demand for improved transparency.

Guest author

Written by Conrad Zellmann

20 November 2017

We need to solve real-world problems in a joined-up way

Senior Advocacy Adviser Tom Orrell explains why joined-up data and interoperability are crucial to solving development problems in the real world.

6 July 2017

Why transparency and accountability should be a principle of good blended finance

In the case of blended finance, we really do need more transparency and accountability. Why? This blog by Cordelia Lonsdale explores two reasons

Guest author

Written by Cordelia Lonsdale