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11 June 2019

Is tackling global malnutrition still a top priority for the UK?

This detailed report from Development Initiatives looks art whether DFID is meeting its commitments and tackling global malnutrition

Written by Jordan Beecher

Senior Analyst

6 June 2019

The future of humanitarian transparency – assembling the big picture

Anna Petruccelli and Daniel Stevens discuss the Grand Bargain's transparency commitment, and progress toward greater humanitarian transparency.

Written by

Anna Petruccelli, Daniel Stevens

4 June 2019

What people want: building resilience and stability in conflict and crises

DFID’s Matthew Wyatt and Barbara Lecq talk about efforts to make our development, humanitarian and peacebuilding investments coherent

Written by

Matthew Wyatt, Barbara Lecq

16 April 2019

Where we are and where we need to be on financing for development

DI's Amy Dodd explores how addressing issues with financing for development could set us on the path towards achieving Agenda 2030.

Written by Amy Dodd

Head of Engagement

11 April 2019

Building greater coherence across development, crisis and peace sectors

This blog sets out the agenda for DI’s webinar series on crisis and development financing

Written by Sarah Dalrymple

Senior Policy & Engagement Advisor

18 March 2019

The next step for Grand Bargain transparency – from data publication to data use

DI's Angus Urquhart and Senior Consultant Lisa Walmsley analyse signatories' progress against the Grand Bargain transparency commitment.

7 February 2019

UN appeals: What does underfunding really mean?

UN-coordinated appeals produce the largest combined global request for funding. But the size of that request is out-pacing funding contributions.

Written by Sophia Swithern


4 February 2019

How can blended financing help the world’s poorest?

Investigating the role that blended financing can play in addressing financing needs in developing countries to help the poorest people.

Written by Cecilia Caio

Senior Analyst

11 December 2018

Development cooperation for improved data

DI Executive Director Harpinder Collacott reflects on some key aspects of the OECD's latest Development Cooperation Report

Written by Harpinder Collacott

Executive Director