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23 November 2018

Five key points from Africa Statistics Week in Uganda

DI's Bernard Sabiti shares key messages from Africa Statistics Week in Uganda and what they mean in the context of the country's unique data ecosystem.

Written by Bernard Sabiti

Senior Strategic Partnerships & Engagement Manager

3 July 2018

Exploring concepts and practices to increase data use: A short learning paper

We have explored conceptual and practical approaches to data use through desk research and contextualised them using DI’s data use framework.

Guest author

Written by Ralitza Naydenova

17 May 2018

Data and Development

Tony German reflects on the progress of the data revolution, and explores how new ways of using data can help us to end poverty.

Written by Tony German


4 May 2018

What do we know about the value of data?

The GPSDD concludes the best way to make the case for improved investments in data is to show the value of data in improving lives.

Written by Bill Anderson

Knowledge & Innovation Lead

11 April 2018

Aid data use at country level: The example of Nepal

There are increasing efforts to improve how aid data is shared in Nepal. The AMP reflects a growing demand for improved transparency.

Guest author

Written by Conrad Zellmann

20 November 2017

We need to solve real-world problems in a joined-up way

Senior Advocacy Adviser Tom Orrell explains why joined-up data and interoperability are crucial to solving development problems in the real world.

20 November 2017

Supporting Nepal in the sharing and use of (open) data for development

A vibrant community of open data enthusiasts are advancing Nepal’s data revolution through improvements in collecting and sharing digital data.

Written by Louisa Dennison

Quality & Impact Lead (Maternity leave)

11 September 2017

Improving data on ageing to leave no one behind

Getting equipped with the tools and ideology necessary to understand how ageing is linked to exclusion.

Written by Zach Christensen

Senior Analyst

27 July 2017

Making the case for disaggregated data: A look at Nigeria

65% of Nigeria's population are within the global P20. But what factors contribute to the likelihood of being in the global P20 in Nigeria?

Guest author

Written by Cat Langdon