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  • 16 February 2021

Supporting longer term development in crises at the nexus: Lessons from Somalia: Appendix 2

Key financing mechanisms and frameworks

appendix 2

UN Multi Partner Trust Fund Flexible instrument

Funding any of the NDP’s pillars, delivered by government institutions, NGOs and the private sector as partners of UN agencies
Established Aim Donors Numbers
2014 Fund programmatic and operational work according to priorities identified under peacebuilding and state-building goals of the Somali Compact Denmark, EU, Finland, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, UN Peacebuilding Fund, USA Cumulative source of funds as of 31 December 2019: US$354,173,389

World Bank Multi-Partner Fund (MPF)

Supports core state functions and largely executed by government entities; some funds are also allocated for World-Bank-financed small-scale activities
Established Aim Donors Numbers
2014 Support development of Somalia with a focus on core state functions and socioeconomic recovery Denmark, EU, Finland, Germany, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, USA, World Bank State and Peacebuilding Fund Total contributions from donors: US$447 million

African Development Bank (AfDB) Somali Infrastructure Fund (SIF)

Earmarked for long-term development, infrastructure and institutional capacity building projects; can undertake certain activities at the government’s request and is one of the three financing windows under the Somalia Development and Reconstruction Facility
Established Aim Donors Numbers
2016 Support and accelerate Somalia’s inclusive and sustainable economic recovery, peace and state-building within the AfDB’s Strategy for Addressing Fragility and Building Resilience in Africa (2014– 2019); with focus on rehabilitation and development of infrastructure and related skills development and institutional capacity building EU, Islamic Development Bank, Italy,  UK Total contributions from donors: US$60.5 million

Somaliland Development Fund

Supports the Government of Somaliland to deliver infrastructure relevant for inclusive economic development; focuses on sustainable investments that lead to job creation and fast growth, while laying the foundation for long-term resilience and development
Established Aim Donors Numbers
2013 (Phase 1: 2013–2018; phase 2: 2018–2023) Phase 2: inclusive economic development for the people of Somaliland Denmark, the Netherlands and UK Total budget for phase 2: US$38 million

UN Peacebuilding Fund

Financial instrument to sustain peace in countries at risk or affected by violent conflict; addresses immediate needs in countries emerging from conflict when sufficient resources are not available from other funding mechanisms
Established Aim Donors Numbers
2006 Support countries emerging from or at risk of conflict, to address critical gaps in the process, to support peacebuilding activities contributing to post-conflict stabilisation Denmark, Sweden, Netherlands, Norway, EU, Germany, UK Approved US$191 million of investments in 2019

Somalia Stability Fund

Multi-donor fund that works with governments and communities to support the development of stability and security in Somalia; addresses structural reasons for conflict and instability at a political and communal level
Established Aim Donors Numbers
2012 Enhance government legitimacy and reduce political and communal conflict, supporting decentralised decision-making, to strengthen local governance UK, Denmark, Sweden, Netherlands, Norway, EU, Germany Total funds from donors to date (08/12/2020): US$ 49,214,944