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  • 2 December 2019

Field perspectives on multi-year humanitarian funding and planning: How theory has translated into practice in Jordan and Lebanon

Important evidence on the reality of predictable and flexible multi-year humanitarian funding in the contexts of Jordan and Lebanon, with recommendations for the global Grand Bargain workstream on enhanced quality of funding.

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Executive summary

This research seeks to support the Grand Bargain workstream on enhanced quality of funding by providing evidence from two countries – Lebanon and Jordan – on multi-year humanitarian funding and…

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Chapter One


At the Grand Bargain Annual Meeting in 2019, the provision of higher quality humanitarian funding was identified as a key enabler to move towards a more efficient and effective humanitarian…

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Chapter Two

Multi-year humanitarian funding and planning in Lebanon and Jordan

This chapter outlines how MYHFP is perceived in both countries. After a brief description of the two country contexts it explores how MYHF is defined and to what extent it…

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Chapter Three

The benefits of multi-year humanitarian funding and planning

This chapter provides a summary of anecdotal evidence by actors in Jordan and Lebanon on the perceived and experienced benefits of MYHFP for the efficiency and effectiveness of the response.…

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Chapter Four


It’s evident from the field experiences that the time frame of funding and planning is only part of the story. Funding needs to be accompanied by flexibility to adapt to…

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appendix one


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appendix four


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