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  • 19 March 2020

Gender-based violence and the nexus: global lessons from the Syria crisis response for financing, policy and practice

How the global response to GBV can be strengthened by the humanitarian-development-peace nexus. With lessons from the crisis in Syria. Written by Sarah Hanssen, with support from DI's Carina Chicet

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Sarah Hanssen

Executive summary

How the global response to gender-based violence can be strengthened by the triple nexus. Lessons for policy, finance and partnerships.

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Chapter One


Introducing our research on GBV at the nexus: including interviews with UN agencies, donors, NGOs and women’s organisations.

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Chapter Two

Global efforts at the nexus to end GBV

How humanitarian and development actors provide assistance to end GBV through linkages at the nexus. Prevention and response through policy, finance and coordination.

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Chapter Three

GBV in the Syria crisis

Detail on some of the coordination, planning, financing and delivery mechanisms to end GBV in the crisis setting of Syria (and beyond, in Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq).

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Chapter Four


Read our conclusions on GBV and the nexus. The need for long-term approaches such as crisis response plans, partnership, localisation and multi-year humanitarian funding.

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Chapter Five


Recommendations from Development Initiatives to help humanitarian and development actors at the nexus end GBV. Guidance on strategy, policy, financing, coordination and partnerships.

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appendix one

Appendix 1: Acknowledgements

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appendix two

Appendix 2: Terminology

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appendix three

Appendix 3: Global pooled funds relevant to GBV

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appendix four

Appendix 4: Individuals consulted

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