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Discussion paper
13 July 2018

How the P20 are doing in Benin

The P20 Initiative is an effort to better understand the data on people who are at risk of being left behind so that action can be taken, and policies and resources can be better targeted to ensure that they are included in progress

13 July 2018

How the P20 are doing in your country

Explore data on the poorest 20% (P20) in your country and how they compare to the rest of the population across key indicators such as income and education.

3 July 2018

Data use: An overview of conceptual and practical approaches

We have explored conceptual and practical approaches to data use through desk research and contextualised them using DI’s data use framework.

13 June 2018

Progress report 1: Supporting Grand Bargain signatories in meeting commitments to greater transparency

Progress by Grand Bargain organisations in publishing open data on their humanitarian financing and providing useful and usable data on their activities.

Discussion paper
11 April 2018

Aid data needs and use cases in Nepal

There is growing demand in Nepal to improve how aid data is collected and shared, to support how SDGs are met and monitored.

Background paper
23 February 2018

Coding the P20 – How we developed and coded the P20 Initiative

This paper discusses the data used in the P20 Initiative, highlighting its origins, what difficulties were encountered, and the methods used to analyse it.

20 November 2017

The frontiers of data interoperability for sustainable development

The latest report from the Joined-Up Data Standards project explores progress and challenges towards joining up data across multiple sources and standards.

14 November 2017

The Development Data Assessment

DI's Development Data Assessment is a methodology that supports governments to identify quality data for decision-making and policy formulation

18 July 2017

The care of children in data: Evidence, gaps and opportunities for change in the SDGs

Children and young people outside their family environment remain virtually invisible in official statistics, leaving governments without vital information.