Image by Gert-Jan Stads / International Food Policy Research Institute / 2014
  • Discussion paper
  • 13 July 2018

How the P20 are doing in Benin

In 2017, Benin published its first Voluntary National Review of progress on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The importance of the goal to ‘leave no one behind’ was interlaced through that report, and in their 2018 review there is further focus on the leave no one behind agenda.

The P20 Initiative is an effort to better understand the data on people who are at risk of being left behind so that action can be taken, and policies and resources can be better targeted to ensure that they are included in progress. As such, this paper applies the P20 concept to Benin in an effort to better understand the status of the poorest 20% and what current trends can tell us about people at risk of being left behind.

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This report was produced with support from the Ministry of Planning and Development of Benin and Swiss Development Cooperation.