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  • Webinar
  • 23 July 2020

A stocktake of global humanitarian assistance during the Covid-19 pandemic

In this webinar a panel of experts come together to discuss humanitarian support to the Covid-19 pandemic response, and initial findings from the Global Humanitarian Assistance Report 2020.


Angus Urquhart

The Covid-19 pandemic presents an unprecedented challenge to the humanitarian system in both scale and complexity. It impacts those in and at risk of humanitarian crisis, as well as the governments, economies and institutions that have historically played a key role in international humanitarian responses.

Within this challenging global context, the Global Humanitarian Assistance Report 2020 provides a concise overview of the humanitarian financing landscape in 2019 and shares analysis of emerging trends and issues in relation to the Covid-19 pandemic response.

The webinar includes a presentation by DI unpacking key facts and findings from the report and contextualising the response to the Covid-19 pandemic within the wider crisis financing landscape. A panel of experts then engage in a Q&A and share their unique perspectives on financing the response to the Covid-19 pandemic and the wider implications for crisis financing.


  • Chair Christina Bennett (CEO, Start Network)
  • Angus Urquhart (Crisis and Humanitarian Lead, DI)
  • Ben Parker (Senior Editor, The New Humanitarian)
  • Gloria Soma (Executive Director, Titi Foundation)
  • Ugo Gentilini (Senior Economist, World Bank)
  • Maclean Natugasha (Country Director Cameroon, NRC)
  • Lisa Carty (Director of Humanitarian Financing and Resource Mobilization, UN OCHA)