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  • 10 May 2019

DI's Progress report 2018

Our 2018 progress report summarises the action we have taken in the last year to deliver our mission and vision, and the impact we are having.

Our 2018 progress report summarises the action we have taken in the last year to work towards our organisational strategy for 2016­–2020, and highlights the partnerships and collaborative work that bring to life our mission.

This year we have built on the achievements of 2017 ­– providing rigorous information to support better decisions, influence policy outcomes, increase accountability and strengthen the use of data to eradicate poverty. Using case studies and testimonials from key stakeholders, the progress report shows how we have contributed to the achievement of our vision of a world without poverty.

Our 2018 progress report also showcases how our values are embedded in how we work as an organisation, including our status as a Living Wage Employer, our adherence to the Ethical Trading Initiative’s (ETI) Base Code of labour standards, and the benefits we provide to help our staff maintain a healthy work–life balance. In addition, the report contains a breakdown of our income and expenditure, information that we share on an annual basis.

What people are saying about our work in 2018

“A fantastic document that will be massively useful for the years to come” – Jaime Atienza, Aid and Development Finance Lead at Oxfam, on Investments to End Poverty 2018.

“I can promise that Benin will continue using the P20 approach as a benchmark to gauge and test all our public policies” – Abdoulaye Bio Tchané, Senior Minister of Planning and Development, Benin, on the P20 approach.

“As we expand our work to make sure that data is being put to use for the world’s children, we’ve been fortunate to have DI as a partner along the way. DI has both the technical and people skills needed to get the job done, and we’re excited to expand the partnership and the impact of this work in the year to come” – Emily Garin, Data Strategist at UNICEF, on DI’s consultancy work on UNICEF’s data investment plans.

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