• Factsheet
  • 13 July 2018

How the P20 are doing in your country

Explore data on the poorest 20% (P20) in your country and how they compare to the rest of the population across key indicators such as income and education.

Explore our interactive pdf to see profiles on how the P20 are doing in every country across the world based on available data.

The P20 Initiative produces data to show whether the poorest 20% (the P20) of people are getting their fair share of attention, investment and opportunity, and therefore whether people are being left behind. It uses three bellwether indicators – income, nutrition and civil registration – to understand if the poorest people globally and within countries are making progress. The initiative promotes the disaggregation of data by income quintile, gender, geography, age and disability in order to gain a more detailed and meaningful picture of people affected by poverty.

We have (where data exists) produced top-line analysis to enable a snapshot of how the P20 are doing in every country in the world. You can explore this analysis in our interactive pdf by clicking on your region and then country of interest.

Find out how the P20 of people are doing in your country.

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