Image by Eric Sales / Asian Development Bank
  • Podcast
  • 4 June 2020

What impact will Covid-19 have on development finance?

This podcast expands on our latest projections of the impact Covid-19 will have on development finance, including all forms of finance from direct investment and domestic revenue to tourism receipts and remittances.

The most conservative projections suggest that global poverty will rise by tens of millions as the covid-19 pandemic takes a toll on the global economy. All forms of finance, and the level of resources available in developing countries – domestic and international, public and private – will be impacted by the pandemic. So, what projections can we make about the impact of covid-19 on financing in developing countries?

In this podcast DI Head of Engagement Amy Dodd and Head of Communications Anna Hope discuss the findings of new analysis into the impact covid-19 will have on all forms of development finance. They look at why it's important to prioritise the needs of the poorest people and places, how the financing picture varies between countries, and the specific projections for different types of finance including aid, domestic revenue, foreign direct investment (FDI), tourism receipts and remittances.

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This podcast features Anna Hope, Head of Communications, and Amy Dodd, Head of Engagement. Music is by Scott Holmes.