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  • 7 April 2021

DI's Progress report 2020

Our 2020 progress report summarises the action we have taken in the last year to deliver our mission and vision, and the impact we are having.

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2020 was a year like no other – for all of us at DI personally, for our organisation, and for the world. Our mission to ensure data-driven evidence and analysis are used to end poverty, reduce inequality and increase resilience faced new challenges that required us to adapt fast and turn our efforts to providing actionable insights for the response to the pandemic.

Our 2020 progress report tells the story of the contribution we made as we worked towards achieving this mission in a year none of us will ever forget.

What people are saying about our work in 2020

"Your briefing on the impacts of Covid-19 on poverty and who is most vulnerable is very useful. It will be a really good resource for policymakers."

Leonie Willenbrink, Poverty and Inequality Advisor at GIZ

"I’m a big fan of evidence-based advocacy, and I think this report gives us an excellent tool to be using in those conversations that we need to have."

Dominic Haslam OBE, Deputy CEO, Sightsavers, on Excluded from the Excluded: People with Intellectual Disabilities in (and out of) Official Development Assistance

"Your data on poverty offers an opportunity to make informed decisions, especially when we make strategic plans to increase the incomes of small-scale farmers."

Mount Elgon Coffee and Honey Co-operative

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