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31 March 2022

Global disability financing in the context of Covid-19

This briefing has been produced as part of DI's work with the Inclusive Futures consortium. It tracks aid to disability and provides an overview of total global funding, key recipients and sectoral funding.

Discussion paper
3 March 2022

Global Public Investment and Africa: A better approach to financing the SDGs

The world’s system of financing public goods and common challenges isn’t working for the African continent. A new discussion paper explains why and how Global Public Investment is important for Africa, and what questions remain to be resolved.

Discussion paper
2 March 2022

Data disharmony: How can donors better act on their commitments?

This briefing highlights key challenges emerging from our work analysing national data ecosystems, and aims to promote discussion between relevant stakeholders on how best to overcome these.

21 February 2022

Inequality: Global trends

This factsheet presents trends and statistics that draw on a number of different datasets and use a variety of measures to understand the levels and trends of inequality.

21 February 2022

Inequality, measuring it and why it matters for poverty reduction

This briefing explores the relationship between poverty and inequality, and shows that measuring, understanding and reducing inequality should be central to efforts tackle poverty, discrimination and exclusion.

2 February 2022

Social protection for disability inclusion in Kenya and Uganda

A series of publications that form part of Development Initiatives’ work as part of the Inclusive Futures Consortium on data to support disability inclusion in Kenya and Uganda.

23 December 2021

Uganda’s loans from international financial institutions (IFIs), 2018–2021

Analysis of loans to Uganda from key IFIs (the African Development Bank, the IMF and the World Bank) considering lending terms, sector focus and debt sustainability.

10 November 2021

Poverty trends: global, regional and national

Poverty is complex and it can be described and measured in a variety of ways. In this factsheet we unpack some of the key terminology alongside the latest trends in poverty at the global, regional and national levels.

20 October 2021

Animated summary: Global Humanitarian Assistance Report 2021

This animated summary unpacks the key statistics and analysis from the Global Humanitarian Assistance Report 2021.