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21 September 2023

Leaving no one behind: A green bargain for people and planet

This briefing paper, produced by Oxfam with support from Development Initiatives, considers enhancing collaboration between the humanitarian and climate sectors to ensure no one is left behind

Data tool • Beta
9 October 2023

Climate vulnerability, climate finance (ODA) and protracted crisis

Use our interactive chart to reveal vulnerability to the impacts of climate change, volumes of climate finance (ODA) by country, and how specific risk and geographic groups fare.

10 October 2023

An uncertain road: Examining the World Bank’s climate change poverty projections

DI explores World Bank climate change poverty forecasts, discusses the uncertainty around climate change’s potential impact on extreme poverty and highlights the need for timely, high-quality data.

20 October 2023

Development Initiatives' Annual Report 2022

Our 2022 annual report summarises the action we have taken in the last year to deliver our mission and vision, and the impact we are having.

6 November 2023

The failure to fund refugee-led organisations

This report, produced by ODI’s Humanitarian Policy Group, in collaboration with Development Initiatives, asks why the current system is not working, and what potential there is for change.

8 November 2023

Three years of UK aid cuts: where has ODA been hit hardest?

Following a consistent decline in UK ODA over the past three years, this factsheet reviews the changes in sectoral and country allocations with a particular focus on the rise in in-donor refugee costs.

16 November 2023

How the DAC rules are changing and why you should care

The Development Assistance Committee (DAC) is soon to change the way that private sector instruments (PSIs) are counted as official development assistance (ODA). These rule changes will bring welcome improvements in transparency, and ensure that countries provide clear arguments about …
27 November 2023

Disability data in Kenya 2022: A comprehensive inventory

This briefing supports Kenya's Inclusive Data Charter Action Plan 2021−2025. It identifies disability data sources, assesses the disability data ecosystem and makes recommendations for improving it.

11 December 2023

Food poverty: Key findings and trends 2000−2023

This factsheet provides an update on food poverty since our 2020 publication. It explains food poverty, how it is measured and analyses key findings between 2000 and 2023 at global, regional and national levels.