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12 April 2012

Private funding: An emerging trend in humanitarian donorship

This report analyses the emerging role of private voluntary contributions in humanitarian donorship. It shows that private support to international develop

1 March 2012

Disaster risk reduction: spending where it should count

This report examines the levels of donor investment in disaster risk reduction in the top 40 humanitarian recipients over the last 10 years.

28 July 2011

Arab donors and humanitarian aid

In this briefing we analyse humanitarian aid from Arab donors and put these contributions in the context of other donor governments.
20 July 2011

Global Humanitarian Assistance Report 2011

“The latter part of the last decade has been underscored by deepening vulnerability in many developing countries associated with the global financial and food crises. Meanwhile, conflict and climate change-related hazards have remained a major threat to the lives and livelihoods of many.”

13 July 2011

Shifting structures, changing trends: non-DAC donors and humanitarian aid

This report analyses the changing patterns in non-DAC donor development and humanitarian financing, focusing specifically on the key players and the changi
4 May 2011

Kenya Red Cross: resource flows and the humanitarian contribution

This case study set out to explore the various sources and volumes of income of the Kenya Red Cross Society (KRCS) as well as the benefits and challenges a
6 July 2010

Global Humanitarian Assistance Report 2010

“The failure of a single crop, a mudslide – can tip a vulnerable family or community from poverty into a crisis that is literally a matter of life and death."