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21 June 2017

Private donors increase humanitarian funding for fourth consecutive year but pace of growth slows

New analysis published today by Development Initiatives (DI) shows that although 2016 saw a fourth successive increase in private donations of international humanitarian assistance, the rate of growth slowed significantly.

7 April 2017

Development Initiatives announced as new host for the 2017 Global Nutrition Report

Development Initiatives (DI) will run the Global Nutrition Report for the next three years. DI was chosen by the Global Nutrition Report Stakeholder Group.

1 December 2016

Focus on transparency in UK government’s development spending reviews welcomed by Development Initiatives and Publish What You Fund

DFID has been a leading player in global efforts to improve transparency for many years and in these latest reviews we see an even more ambitious transparency agenda.

30 November 2016

DI receives Kenya Open Data award for innovation

The awards are given to those who have helped make data more open and accessible, and are open to government, private sector, NGOs, civil society organisations and others.

17 November 2016

Aid donors must improve transparency before scaling up public-private finance, new report finds

The report on the use of public funds to de-risk or ‘leverage’ private investments in development also finds that, while blended finance may have a valuable role to play in helping fund the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), alone it is unlikely to mobilise the volumes that are required to make a significant impact on the large funding gap.

15 November 2016

Increasing funds to tackle climate change miss out world’s most vulnerable, new report finds

The report, which looks at climate finance in the context of building resilience and reducing poverty, finds that while international public resources to tackle climate change are increasing, vulnerability and the links between poverty and climate are not reflected in the allocation of those resources.

18 July 2016

From principles to practice: Development Initiatives and Publish What You Fund launch consultation on joining up data standards.

The JUDS project is about unlocking the potential of data to help drive poverty eradication and sustainable development.

4 July 2016

DI kicks off project on blended public−private finance for development

Ambitious Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have been agreed by UN member states, but there is a significant financing gap for developing countries aiming to meet these goals, estimated at trillions of US dollars annually.

27 June 2016

Private donors step up to help Syria crisis, with US$398 million given last year, new research finds

Development Initiatives published their Global Humanitarian Assistance report today, which finds that private donors reportedly gave US$398 million to the Syria crisis last year. This is a significant increase from US$114 million given to the same crisis the year before.