• Investments to end poverty 2018 Report - Figure 2.4

Specific country allocable ODA as a percentage of total ODA, 1960–2016


Specific Country Allocable ODA as a Percentage of Total ODA, 1960-2016. Non-country-specific ODA includes ODA that does not have a specified single countryrecipient. This can include ‘developing countries unspecified’, which refers to ODA thatbenefits several regions or non-country programmable aid such as administrative costs,refugees in donor country and in-donor research costs. This category further includes ODA to‘regional’ recipients (e.g. South of Sahara, Regional) which refers to ODA that benefits severalrecipient countries within the specified region. Where 'country-allocable ODA' is used, itrefers to ODA reported that is intended for a specific country recipient.




  • Development finance
  • ODA (aid)