Where did peacekeeping money go in 2014?

Countries in sub-Saharan Africa received the largest volumes of funding for peacekeeping operations in 2014, reflecting the high levels of conflict and instability experienced in the region. The most went to Sudan (US$1.6 billion), followed by the Democratic Republic of the Congo (US$1.4 billion), Mali and South Sudan (both US$1.1 billion).

Where did peacekeeping money go in 2014_Figure.

Source: Development Initiatives’ calculations based on the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute 2015 yearbook, chapter 5.

Note: Costs for multi-country missions have been shared equally between individual participating countries.

A smaller share of funding for peacekeeping operations in 2014 was channelled to countries in the Middle East and North Africa region. While the region has also experienced high levels of crisis over recent years, peacekeeping efforts have not been deployed to the same extent as in sub-Saharan Africa. Many countries are still experiencing violent conflict with substantial progress towards peaceful settlements not yet in sight (e.g. Syria and Yemen) but this may also reflect relative political prioritisation.

For more analysis on the mix of resource flows to countries experiencing conflict and fragility please see our report Investments in peace and security.