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Martha Getachew Bekele

Delivery, Quality & Impact Lead

Content by Martha Getachew Bekele:

Presentation 15 July 2024

SB60 Side Event: Gender-responsive data for climate action

Briefing 24 May 2024

The African Development Bank as a catalyst for reforming global financial architecture

Blog 23 April 2024

Do we need a common definition of climate finance? It depends who you ask

Blog 22 April 2024

The conundrum of climate financing: Where is the money?

Discussion paper 22 April 2024

The conundrum of climate financing

Report 31 January 2024

Gender-focused ODA to health and agriculture in Ethiopia

Blog 11 December 2023

What does limited progress at COP28 mean for Africa?

Blog 19 October 2023

The word from Marrakesh? Listen and reform to be fit to fight crisis

Blog 4 September 2023

Africa can contribute, Africa must benefit and Africans must decide on financing to tackle the climate crisis

Blog 5 April 2023

Reflections on the future of financing for development in the countries with the greatest needs

Discussion paper 6 March 2023

Should Global Public Investment finance social protection?

Blog 21 September 2022

Climate finance to Africa: What we know about ODA

Blog 20 September 2022

Common challenges, differentiated impacts

Blog 8 April 2022

Creating, not fixing: A new financing paradigm for Africa

Report 2 February 2022

Social protection for disability inclusion in Kenya and Uganda

Blog 22 September 2021

How control of data is making international aid agencies so powerful

Podcast 20 April 2021

How can data better support disability advocacy in East Africa?

Blog 4 March 2021

Localisation is here to stay: Lessons from Kenya

Discussion paper 11 October 2019

Measuring the state of civil registration and legal identity

Briefing 23 June 2016

Towards pro-poor budgeting: analysis of Kenya's 2016/17 budget