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Harpinder Collacott

Chief Executive Officer

Content by Harpinder Collacott:

Blog 11 February 2022

To build back better from Covid-19, we need rapid structural change

Blog 21 October 2021

The role of communities in delivering data to leave no one behind

Blog 3 March 2021

Development Initiatives’ strategy 2021–2030: what’s new?

Blog 20 November 2020

To survive and thrive: Opportunities to invest in child nutrition

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The UN is now 75 – we need a new generation of global institutions

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Why equity is critical to tackling malnutrition

Presentation 6 May 2020

Implications of coronavirus on financing for sustainable development

Blog 27 March 2020

What actions are required to mitigate the impacts of coronavirus on the poorest and most vulnerable people?

Blog 12 March 2020

Current financing mechanisms are failing to deliver the Sustainable Development Goals, let’s not waste this unique window to get it right

Blog 10 January 2020

Countering isolationism with collaboration as we enter the decade of delivery

Blog 18 July 2019

From review to delivery on the Global Goals – what should the immediate priorities be for the UK government?

Blog 11 December 2018

Development cooperation for improved data

Blog 23 October 2018

How can data really be transformative?

Blog 19 June 2018

Placing affected people at the heart of the Grand Bargain transparency commitment

Blog 2 March 2018

How we must approach poverty eradication in today's world

Blog 21 July 2017

Two years in – are people’s lives improving?

Blog 12 December 2016

We live in a world full of data. But what’s the point if none of it joins up?

Blog 28 October 2016

Counting people to make people count

Blog 12 November 2014

The future of ODA: targeting people not countries to end poverty by 2030