Image by Graham Crouch / World Bank
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  • 24 November 2014

Together we can end poverty! Our progress and priorities in a changing world

Together we can end poverty! Our progress and priorities in a changing world

We’ve worked for over 20 years to help end poverty, as an international enterprise in the space between governments, non-governmental organisations, academics, think tanks and intergovernmental bodies.

A few years ago, we were one of the few voices calling for the end of absolute poverty by 2030. However, the world has changed: ending poverty is now seen as a feasible goal and people are asking not ‘when’ but ‘how’. This has given confidence and energy to all those concerned with ending poverty – and we will be using every resource that we have to promote progress.

As the world comes together to build on the success of the Millennium Development Goals and establish the new sustainable development framework for the next 15 years, better information is essential. Poverty cannot be ended if we do not know who is in poverty now and who is vulnerable. Resources cannot be efficient or targeted without this data, and good decisions rely on better information about the whole picture of the available resources.

We at DI are committed to revolutionising the use of data at all levels

Getting the most value from every dollar we spend towards ending poverty has always been a driving force for our work. We believe it is essential that we use our assets to the full and can demonstrate the difference we make. This progress report is a first step to demonstrate what we do and the impact we have. We hope you enjoy it and find it useful in explaining who we are and what we do.

If you have any questions or feedback, or would like to request a hard copy of the report, please contact [email protected].