• Report
  • 18 November 2020

Supporting longer term development in crises at the nexus: Lessons from Cameroon: Appendix 4


appendix 4

This report was written and researched by Sarah Dalrymple at Development Initiatives (DI) and Sarah Hanssen, independent consultant, with contributions from Isabelle de Lichtervelde, independent consultant and Charlotte MacDiarmid at DI and coordination of data analysis by Richard Watts at DI. Research in-country was coordinated by Kebila Fokum, independent consultant.

The authors would like to thank the wide range of stakeholders who contributed qualitative input through key informant interviews, with a special thanks to Penn Ammah and Charles Che, Early Childhood Development Consultants, World Bank; Céline Choquer, Resilience Programme Officer EU Delegation; Jahal De Meritens, Humanitarian Development Peace Coordinator, UN RCO Cameroon; Manon Dubois, Governance Project Manager, AFD; Elena Fanetti, Governance Programme Officer, EU Delegation; Leo Kortekaas, Senior Development Officer UNHCR; Maclean Natugasha Country Director NRC; Mr Sikod, Fon Tisagli village, Mezam Division, North West region; and Ousmane Watt, Humanitarian-Development Collaboration Section UN OCHA. A full list of these contributors is available in Appendix 1.

We would like to express our gratitude to the Global Humanitarian Assistance programme funders: the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development, Canada; the Human Rights, Good Governance and Humanitarian Aid Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Netherlands; the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency; and the Department for Humanitarian Action at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Denmark.

The project was managed by Tom Urry. Data analysis was led by Daniele Milani with extensive analysis and research across the report by Dean Breed, Georgia Colston, Elle Crossley, Sophie Hanna, Duncan Knox, Angharad Price, Lewis Sternberg, Rob Tew, Dan Walton and Richard Watts.

Georgina Carver managed editorial production, with support from Alice McAndrew, Simon Murphy and Celia Warin. Lydia Poole and Angus Urquhart provided editorial guidance. Communications support was provided by Telche Hanley-Moyle and Anna Hope.