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  • 13 June 2018

Pro-poor analysis of Kenya’s 2018/19 budget estimates

This report analyses the 2018/19 Kenya budget estimates, providing an in-depth look at the allocations most likely to affect the poor population.

This report analyses the 2018/19 Kenya budget estimates, providing an in-depth look at the allocations most likely to affect the poor population.

The 2018/19 Kenya budget is an opportunity to understand how the government intends to allocate resources to its development priorities, and therefore contribute to a reduction in poverty and ensure no one is left behind. If the needs of the poorest people are not well targeted by government resources, if insufficient tax is raised (or raised in ways that penalise the poor), and if support systems are under or inefficiently financed, then people with the most need are at the greatest risk of being left behind.

Our analysis provides an in-depth look at allocations to sectors that are considered to have a direct reach and effect on the poor population. It shows that although the Kenyan government is allocating more resources to pro-poor sectors in 2018/19 compared with previous years, these resources still do not adequately address the needs of their most vulnerable citizens. Financial gaps in many priority areas may result in Kenya being off-track to meet the targets set as part of national development priorities and Sustainable Development Goals.

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