Image by UN Women/Christopher Herwig
  • Background paper
  • 10 March 2020

Multi-year humanitarian funding: Global baselines and trends: Appendix 2



This background paper was written by Luminita Tuchel. Daniele Milani led the quantitative data analysis and participated in key informant interviews. The author would like to thank all those who helped shape the initial scope and methodology for the study, and who provided valuable inputs to the paper, including:

Steve Darvill at Australian Aid; Howard Mollett at CAFOD; Inge Brees and Carolina Morgado at Care International; David Fallows at the Department for International Development, UK; Charles Pirotte, Gerard Van-Driessche and Annick Villarosa at the European Commission; Katharina Dolezalek at the Federal Foreign Office, Germany; Thomas Hiergens at Federal Public Service for Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation, Belgium; Elena Garagorri Atrisan, Ramir Madeja Macabuhay and Antoine Ouellet-Drouin at the International Committee of the Red Cross; Farida Bena and Sarah Charles at the International Rescue Committee; Marta Collu at the Italian Development Cooperation Agency; Charlotte Lattimer, Jette Michelsen and Lydia Poole at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Denmark; Caro Krijger and Doris Voorbraak at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Netherlands; Berit Tvete at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Norway; Leah Finnegan and Cathryn McCarthy at Save the Children; Lisa Hedin, Linda Öhman and Karin Seydlitz at SIDA, Sweden; Christian Freres Kuer at the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation; Hiroko Araki at UNHCR; Julie Thompson at UN OCHA; Maria Isabel Castro Velasco at UN OCHA Pooled Funds; Robert Gailey, Andrew Kent and Alexander Kuhn at USAID; and Jennifer Jacoby at the World Food Programme.

The author would like to provide special thanks to Jelena Jovanovic and Marilena Viviani at UNICEF for their time and insights, and to the Grand Bargain Secretariat and Christopher Demerse and Camille Pabalan at Global Affairs Canada for their support in circulating the data survey and promoting engagement in the research.

Additional thanks to Amy Silcock at Development Initiatives (DI), who provided guidance on analysing IATI data. Editorial and content support was provided by Angus Urquhart and Niklas Rieger. The project was managed by Joao Goncalves and Tom Urry at DI, with editorial production provided by Simon Murphy and communications support given by James Harle. Finally, the author would like to extend her thanks to all those who collated data, submitted survey responses and participated in key informant interviews, without whose active and willing engagement this study would not have been possible.

We are grateful for the specific funding and support for this research provided by the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development, Canada, as well as for the funding for this project they provided as Global Humanitarian Assistance (GHA) programme funders. We would also like to thank our other GHA programme funders whose funding supported this research: the Department for Humanitarian Action at the Royal Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs; the Stabilisation and Humanitarian Aid Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Netherlands; and the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency.