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  • 11 October 2018

Investments to end poverty 2018: Appendix 1


appendix 1

We would like to thank the many people who have contributed to the Investments to End Poverty 2018 report, particularly the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for their generous support.

Investments to End Poverty 2018 was authored by the team at Development Initiatives (DI), led by Cecilia Caio (Senior Analyst) with Dan Coppard (Director of Research and Analysis) and Amy Dodd (Engagement Lead, Financing for Development). It was guided by Harpinder Collacott (Executive Director), Carolyn Culey (Director of Partnerships and Engagement), Tony German (Strategic Advisor) and Judith Randel (Strategic Advisor), and data management was led by Duncan Knox. The report was managed by Matt Bartlett and editorial production was managed by Simon Murphy, Rebecca Hills and Georgina Carver.

Our team responsible for developing the extensive research and analysis, and for drafting content in the report, were: Jordan Beecher, Cecilia Caio, Dan Coppard, Zach Christensen, Amy Dodd, Tony German, Alex Miller, Matthew Price, Judith Randel, Rob Tew, Dan Walton, Richard Watts and Conrad Zellmann. Additional support was provided by Amy Cox, Chris Degnan, Niklas Rieger, Luminita Tuchel and Angus Urquhart. Anna Hope and James Harle drafted chapter content and managed communications, supported by Clara Carlino de Paz and Vittoria Radaelli.

We would also like to thank the many experts who provided information and advice at various stages: Fanwell Bokosi (Afrodad), Maya Forstater (independent consultant), Gail Hurley (UNDP), Raquel Jorge (independent consultant), Charles Lwanga-Ntale (independent consultant), Marcus Manuel (ODI), Gregory de Paepe (DI Fellow), Javier Pereira (independent consultant), Liz Steele (DI Fellow) and Tim Strawson (UNDP). Editing was done by Jen Claydon, and design by Steve Green and Trevor Lauder at Definite.design and Megan Weston at Soapbox.

Thank you