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  • 11 October 2018

Investments to end poverty 2018

The report explores how development finance is responding to the demands set by the Sustainable Development Goals and what changes and action are needed to ensure their aspirations become reality for all.

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Amy Dodd, Daniel Coppard , Cecilia Caio

Executive summary

While poverty halved during the MDGs, many people have made little or no progress but there is a real opportunity to get back on track.

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Chapter One

New mindsets for investments to end poverty

Ending poverty requires a sustainable and comprehensive approach which will lift and sustain people above the poverty line while also ensuring they are more resilient to crisis and are able…

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Chapter Four

Moving from data to impact - transparency and data use

Better availability, accessibility and transparency of data is needed for decision-making and accountability at all stages of the development process.

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Chapter Five

Getting back on track – an action agenda for 2030

In order to get back on track and meet Agenda 2030, the poorest and most vulnerable people must be included in progress.

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appendix one


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appendix two


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