• Background paper
  • 3 April 2017

Insights into Nepal’s emerging data revolution

This post presents DI's new background paper on Nepal’s emerging data revolution, detailing its context, development, current state and near future.

Since 2011, Development Initiatives has been engaging in collaboration with various partners to contribute to wider efforts to improve the production, sharing and use of data for sustainable development in Nepal.

We’ve been working with local partners to engage non-state actors and government on this agenda, in particular through our support to the Open Nepal initiative. Alongside this, DI has supported local partners with funding and expertise on various technical, research and engagement efforts. Our focus has been to support the development of the information ecosystem needed to enable data-informed decision-making and accountability.

This background paper shares some of our insights on Nepal’s emerging data revolution:

  • The context for Nepal’s data revolution – presenting the complex environment surrounding interventions aimed at improving the production, sharing and use of data
  • The development data ecosystem – including the role of government, civil society, private sector and development partners, plus key actors and initiatives within these groups
  • The state of production, sharing and data use in Nepal – including the important milestones reached
  • Future directions for Nepal’s data revolution – focusing on the role of the vibrant community of data enthusiasts in Nepal.

Download the background paper

Photo: YoungInnovations