Image by UNICEF Ethiopia/NahomTesfaye
  • Podcast
  • 15 October 2020

How can innovative partnerships make data stronger and more inclusive?

In this podcast DI's Claudia Wells and Bernard Sabiti are joined by GeoCensos founder Javier Carranza Tresoldi to discuss how innovative partnerships can lead to better data.


Claudia Wells, Bernard Sabiti, Javier Carranza Tresoldi

In this podcast DI Director of Data Use Claudia Wells, Senior Strategic Partnerships & Engagement Manager Bernard Sabiti and Founder and Director of the GeoCensos Foundation Javier Carranza Tresoldi explore the power of partnerships to improve data. Looking at the benefits, challenges and nuances of collaboration between all kinds of actors, they share case studies of what works and practical advice to build strong partnerships. They also reflect on their hopes for the upcoming 2020 Virtual UN World Data Forum, which will be an important opportunity to take these conversations forward.

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Music is by Scott Holmes