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  • 12 July 2013

Global Humanitarian Assistance Report 2013

The GHA Report 2013 provides the most up-to-date and comprehensive picture of global humanitarian financing, and describes some of the key trends and developments of the last decade.

This year we examine how international assistance has responded to the scale of recent global humanitarian crisis, with sections covering funding (response to need, donors and recipients, areas of expenditure and channels of delivery), recent emergencies, and action to strengthen response. We also feature a number of ‘in focus’ reports, each providing an overview of current issues (new and emerging donors, the crisis in Syria, and lessons learnt from the 2011 Horn of Africa food crisis).

Trends and messages that emerge include the increasingly important role of non-traditional donors, growing levels of unmet humanitarian need, and the importance of transparency and access to reliable information. The report emphasises the need for greater investment in disaster prevention and preparedness and for humanitarian and development actors to work more closely in building resilience. It highlights the importance of predictable long-term financing in situations of chronic need and also identifies efforts and initiatives to improve the efficiency of humanitarian assistance (including key principles, standards and accountability frameworks, the role of technology, and the use of cash transfer schemes).


You can access:

Chapter-by-chapter data available for download here.

–          Chapter 1 – How much humanitarian assistance was given?

–          Chapter 2 – Where does humanitarian assistance come from?

–          Chapter 3 – Where does humanitarian assistance go?

–          Chapter 4 – What is humanitarian assistance spent on?

–          Chapter 5 – How does humanitarian assistance get there?

–          Chapter 6 – Recent emergencies and their human impact

–          Chapter 7 – Strengthening the response

–          GHA 2013 – reference tables

The infographics from the report can be found in our infographics section here and images from the report on the Development Initiatives flickr site here.

Executive summary

2011 funding flows

G20 members

Humanitarian assistance in numbers

Humanitarian funding channels

In focus Gulf States

In focus Horn of Africa famine and timely response

In focus Syria

In focus Turkey

Top 20 Government contributors of international humanitarian assistance 2003-2012

Top 20 recipients of international humanitarian response 2002-2011