• Report
  • 13 April 2022

Funding for gender-relevant humanitarian response: Appendix 3



We would like to thank the numerous colleagues who provided information and advice for this report: Helen Stawski and Brianna Guidorzi from the International Rescue Committee; Holly Miller from the Feminist Humanitarian Network; Delphine Pinault from CARE International; Julie Lafrenière from Oxfam; April Pham and Toni-Anne Vinell Stewart from UN OCHA; Beth Woroniuk from the Equality Fund; and Courtenay Cabot Venton and Toscane Clarey from The Share Trust. We would also like to thank the women-led grassroots organisations that participated in a validation workshop to pre-launch the findings of this report: Cecilia Chami from the Lebanon Family Planning Association for Development and Family Empowerment; Facia Harris from the Paramount Young Women Initiative (Liberia); Karmen Sumic from Sawa Organization (Palestine); Lipi Rahman from Badabon Sangho (Bangladesh); Margaret Kikuvi from Pastoralist Girls Initiative (Kenya); and Sumeera Shrestha from Women for Human Rights (Nepal). Our gratitude goes to the many other experts who agreed to speak to us informally or off the record for this publication.

We would like to thank the Global Humanitarian Assistance programme’s funders for their support: the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development, Canada; the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Denmark; the Stabilisation and Humanitarian Aid Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Netherlands; and the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency.

This report was written by Sofia Martínez Fernández and Carina Chicet with editorial support from Angus Urquhart. The paper’s methodology and data research were led by Kirsty Lazer, Jasmin Jilma and Carina Chicet, with support from Dan Walton and Niklas Rieger. Bibliography research and literature review was led by Alys McCarthy. Fran Girling provided editorial support and Ben Campbell led the communications strategy. The project was managed by Tom Urry.