• Report
  • 5 December 2019

Donors at the triple nexus: lessons from the United Kingdom: Appendix 3


Name Role and organisation
Bellers, Roger Senior Technical Adviser, DFID
Beszterczey, Andras Conflict Adviser, FCO
Butterworth, Richard Better Delivery Department, DFID
Campbell, Fiona Health Adviser, Global Funds Department, DFID
Carter, Daniel Health Adviser, DFID
Dale, Rebecca Head of Conflict Profession, DFID
Dennys, Christian Acting Head of Conflict, Stability and Security Fund
Dercon, Stephan former Chief Economist at DFID
Foxell, Misha Team Leader Nigeria, DFID Nigeria
Gainey, Vincent Climate Resilience and Livelihoods Adviser, DFID
Gallagher, Graeme Conflict Adviser, DFID
Gledhill, Richard Commissioner, Independent Commission for Aid Impact
Grigg, Miriam Humanitarian Adviser, DFID Nigeria
Henderson, Emily Humanitarian Adviser, Social Protection Team, DFID
James, Claire Humanitarian Affairs Adviser, CHASE, DFID
Kiggell, Chris Refugee Policy Manager, CHASE, DFID
Kindness, Heather Social Protection Team Lead, DFID
Kohler, Franziska Conflict Adviser, Conflict, Security and Justice Department, DFID
Lecq, Barbara Protracted Crisis Adviser, CHASE, DFID
Lucy, Ben, Conflict Adviser Economic Growth and Private Sector Development Team, DFID
Naylor, Harvey Private Sector Department, DFID
Palmer, Debbie Director Western and Southern Africa, DFID
Perry, Abigail Team Leader Nutrition, DFID
Porter, Chris Humanitarian Head of Profession, DFID
Rynn, Simon Team Leader, Stability, Security and Justice, DFID
Sada, Fatima Education Adviser, DFID Nigeria
Silke, Ciara Resilience Adviser, Livelihoods and Humanitarian Team, DFID Ethiopia
Stone, Jonathan Team Leader, Humanitarian Delivery Department, DFID
Taylor, Chris Team Leader Audit Department, DFID
Thirunavukarasu, Ahimza Health Adviser, DFID
Todd, Emily Education Adviser, DFID
Turkington, George Acting Director of Country Programmes, DFID
Whitaker, Joe Conflict Adviser in International Financing Institutions Department, DFID
Whitfield, Poppy Team Leader Strategic Direction, Strategy Unit, DFID
Wier, Gareth Operating Model Review Lead, DFID
Wilson, Colum Head of Protracted Crisis Unit, DFID
Yapp, Hannah Humanitarian Partnerships and System Performance Group, DFID
Yocheva, Cvetina Head of ODA Evidence and Evaluation, Independent Commission for Aid Impact
Zappa, Davide Humanitarian Adviser, CHASE, DFID