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  • 11 December 2019

Donors at the triple nexus: Lessons from Sweden

The humanitarian-development-peacebuilding nexus is at the fore of the policy agenda, but many donors are yet to put the approach into practice. This report focuses on how Sweden puts the triple nexus into practice, with a view to sharing emerging learnings and informing global dialogue on this issue.

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Sophia Swithern

Executive summary

The need to connect humanitarian, development and peace approaches has long been understood. Without these connections, the incidences and impacts of crises cannot be sustainably reduced and many people in…

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Chapter One


Working at the ‘nexus’ between emergency response and longer-term approaches is necessary to reduce the need, vulnerabilities and risks faced by crisis-affected people, supporting resilient livelihoods and ensuring that people…

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Chapter Two

Policy, strategy and nexus engagement

Top-level policy and strategies set a strong steer for Swedish official development assistance (ODA) to work in a concerted and connected way in order to reduce risk, vulnerability and crisis…

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Chapter Three

Programme and allocation cycle

Although Sweden maintains separate analysis of humanitarian and development risks and needs, there is scope – which could be further exploited – within both processes to include a comprehensive analysis…

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Chapter Four

Organisational structures and systems

The organisational structure for governing official development assistance (ODA) expenditure in Sweden is not overly complicated and is designed to support the principled separate governance of humanitarian assistance.

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appendix one


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appendix two


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appendix three

List of interviewees

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appendix four

Management of Swedish official development assistance

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appendix five

Dimensions of Swedish development cooperation

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appendix six

Portfolio and timing of Sweden’s operational strategies

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