Image by Russell Watkins/Department for International Development
  • Report
  • 2 June 2014

DFID's aid spending for nutrition: 2010–2012

This report provides analysis that responds to the need for better information on official development assistance investments to end under-nutrition. This information helps support donors’ accountability for meeting their commitments. It looks at UK Department for International Development (DFID) aid spending on nutrition-specific and nutrition-sensitive projects from 2010 to 2012, following the Scaling Up Nutrition movement’s methodology.

Key findings

  • DFID disbursed (provided) US$1.27 billion to nutrition projects during 2010–2012. Annual disbursements increased by 39% over the period, from US$342 million to US$476 million.
  • Nutrition-specific interventions grew more quickly than disbursements to nutrition-sensitive activities did (up 58% and 37% respectively).
  • Nutrition-specific disbursements amounted to US$148 million (12% of total activities) while the majority of aid went to nutrition-sensitive activities: US$1.1 billion (88% of the total).
  • Ethiopia and India were the largest recipients of disbursements in all three years, with these two countries accounting for 41% of total disbursements over the period.