Image by Martin Malunga/HarvestPlus
  • Report
  • 3 June 2015

DFID’s aid spending for nutrition: 2013

As part of increasing efforts to track donor spending on nutrition interventions, DFID’s aid spending for nutrition: 2013 independently analyses the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID)’s official development assistance (ODA) spending on nutrition-related projects.

We (report authors) used the approach developed by the Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) movement Donor Network, which allows for the identification and quantification of donor spending on both nutrition-specific and nutrition-sensitive interventions.

The report reveals that DFID has increased its total nutrition-related aid substantially over 2012 and 2013, continuing an increasing trend since 2010 identified in our previous assessment: DFID’s aid spending for nutrition: 2010–2012.

Other key findings

  • DFID disbursed US$840 million of nutrition-related official development assistance (ODA or aid) to developing countries in 2013, 9% of total 2013 DFID disbursements.
  • The value of DFID’s nutrition-specific aid disbursements increased by 64% between 2012 and 2013, while aid to nutrition-sensitive interventions increased by 76%.
  • Nutrition-sensitive ODA had a wider geographic reach (31 countries) than nutrition-specific aid (11 countries) in 2013.
  • Ethiopia received the most overall nutrition-related aid (US$107 million) in 2013.