• Briefing
  • 20 April 2015

Development cooperation and transparency in Brazil


Mariella Di Ciommo

This briefing summarises key findings from two recent DI reports on Brazil, both based on interviews with national stakeholders.

The briefing was co-authored by Alice Amorim, Associate – Gestão de Interesse Público (Public Interest Management)

These reports are:

  • Brazil as an international actor presents the domestic debate on Brazil as a provider of development cooperation.
  • Transparency in Brazil provides an overview of domestic initiatives to enhance transparency, foster access to information and disseminate open data in Brazil, in particular on public resource-focused activities.

Key points:

  • Brazil’s successes in reducing domestic poverty drives attention to its development cooperation
  • Changes in Brazil’s foreign policy affect its development cooperation
  • This is a new policy space in Brazil, but engagement is growing
  • The priority is to make foreign relations a public policy, including better accountability and institutions
  • Transparency is a tool for better dialogue on public policy
  • A strong national constituency is needed
  • Overlap between the development cooperation and domestic transparency communities is very limited
  • Availability of data and information on domestic issues is vast in Brazil
  • Existing regulation is satisfactory, but needs implementing fully
  • Inclusive decision-making is at the top of the national agenda
  • Priorities and backgrounds vary among CSOs, but collaboration is frequent


Development cooperation and transparency in Brazil is available in Portuguese

Download / baixar O futuro da cooperação para o desenvolvimento