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  • Podcast
  • 14 May 2020

Coronavirus in Uganda: Current and future impacts

This podcast explores the Ugandan government's response to the coronavirus pandemic, the impact on citizens and the future prospects for the country.


James Harle, Bernard Sabiti

Uganda's response to the coronavirus pandemic has drawn international attention, with the early imposition of a lockdown that has been called one of Africa's strictest. The country, which has a population of almost 43 million, has seen a comparatively low caseload to date – but critics have highlighted the tradeoffs of these restrictions for the economy and other aspects of public health.

In this podcast DI Senior Strategic Partnerships & Engagement Manager Bernard Sabiti, based in Kampala, explains what life under lockdown looks like for people in Uganda, the data (and data gaps) underpinning the government response, and what the country can expect in the months and years to come. He also highlights the work DI is doing to support Uganda's data ecosystem, referencing our Spotlight on Uganda tool, and our recent report on the state of digital civil registration and legal identity systems.

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Music is by Scott Holmes.