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  • 26 June 2024

Climate finance: Earning trust through consistent reporting

Exploring the climate finance reporting landscape, with recommendations for consistent measurement over time and between providers to improve volume and effectiveness.

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Executive Summary

Inconsistencies in the way climate finance is reported hinder progress towards global goals. How can we improve the quality and quantity of the finance provided?

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Chapter One


Critics question the reported US$115.9 billion spent on climate finance in 2022. We analyse the evidence and put forward reporting recommendations.

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Chapter Two

Climate finance statistics: The importance of consistency

We need accurate climate finance data to track progress against global needs and ensure countries pay their fair share. Consistency is vital in achieving this.

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Chapter Three

Climate finance reporting: A quantitative review

Climate finance reporting varies widely across both time and countries and data sets are often inconsistent. Could new analysis tools be the solution?

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Chapter Four

Bilateral climate finance reporting: A qualitative review

Efforts have been made to harmonise the use of Rio markers in climate finance reporting but problems with consistency remain.

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Chapter Five

Conclusion and recommendations

To meet the goals of the Paris Agreement, we need more climate finance, more transparent and detailed reporting, and enhanced guidance on specific approaches.

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appendix one

Acronyms used in the report

A list of the key terms and acronyms used in this report.

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appendix two

Glossary of climate finance terms

A glossary of terms used in the report.

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appendix three


Thank you to those who contributed to and supported the publication of this report.

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