• Report
  • 5 January 2015

Aid and budget transparency training modules

Aid and budget training modules

This is a series of six modules created to develop and strengthen the skills, capacities and strategic visions of civil society organisations working in the areas of aid and budget analysis, monitoring and advocacy.

The modules were developed using content created by Development Initiatives, Integrity Action, the International Budget Partnership and Publish What You Fund.

Module 1 – Introduction to development aid, budgets and accountability

Module 2 – Accessing aid information: Data sources

Module 3 – Right to information

Module 4 – Analysing aid and budgets

Module 5 – Using aid and budget analysis for advocacy

Module 6 – Monitoring aid and budget transparency

They will better equip readers to:

  • Explain what aid and budget information is available, how to access this information, and the limitations of this information
  • Monitor aid and budget information
  • Use aid and budget information to support their advocacy strategies
  • Demand better aid and budget information so that they can hold government as well as bilateral and multilateral donor agencies to account
  • Describe the development funding process – the main actors, types and modalities of aid, and other resources aimed at poverty reduction – and how aid funds can by analysed alongside domestic resources.

Expanded versions of these materials have previously been used in pilot workshops in Nepal and Kenya. Participants engaged in practical, experiential learning activities, which encouraged collaboration and peer learning. These modules include lessons from these pilot workshops.