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  • Report
  • 4 November 2020

Adapting aid to end poverty: Delivering the commitment to leave no one behind in the context of Covid-19

This report calls for us to refocus ODA (aid) in the context of Covid-19, shifting the ‘leave no one behind’ agenda from inclusive growth to inclusive recovery. It analyses changes to poverty and how the pandemic has impacted finance vital to the poorest people.

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Gail Hurley, Amy Dodd, Duncan Knox , Zach Christensen

Executive summary

Read analysis and recommendations for how to refocus ODA (aid) and other resources in the context of Covid-19 (coronavirus) to ensure we leave no one behind.

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Chapter One


Covid is re-shaping our understanding of poverty. To deliver the Decade of Action for the SDGs, we must focus ODA on places most at risk of being left behind.

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Chapter Two

A worsening poverty landscape with Covid-19

Learn about the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on poverty and inequality, with a focus on the least developed countries and those disadvantaged by gender inequality and climate change.

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Chapter Three

Covid-19 and its impact on the financing landscape

Learn about the impact of the pandemic on development finance, with analysis of ODA (aid) and other international and domestic finance, and the financing gaps for short- and long-term needs.

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Chapter Four


We must close the gap between the poorest people and the rest, build human capital and resilience, to ensure our recovery from the pandemic is inclusive and sustained.

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