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15 July 2024

SB60 Side Event: Gender-responsive data for climate action

DI presented at this event which aimed to highlight the critical role of gender data in shaping climate policies, with a focus on the Gender Action Plan and the impact it can have at regional, national and local levels.

27 June 2024

Climate finance: A credibility gap? Webinar recording

Join leading experts as they explore problems with current climate finance reporting, transparency and accountability. What should count towards a New Collective Quantified Goal on Climate Finance, and who should decide?

26 June 2024

Climate finance: Earning trust through consistent reporting

Exploring the climate finance reporting landscape, with recommendations for consistent measurement over time and between providers to improve volume and effectiveness.

Discussion paper
22 April 2024

The conundrum of climate financing

This paper proposes some foundations for just climate financing, and asks why funds are still insufficient for climate adaption to tackle climate change.

10 October 2023

An uncertain road: Examining the World Bank’s climate change poverty projections

DI explores World Bank climate change poverty forecasts, discusses the uncertainty around climate change’s potential impact on extreme poverty and highlights the need for timely, high-quality data.

Data tool • Beta
9 October 2023

Climate vulnerability, climate finance (ODA) and protracted crisis

Use our interactive chart to reveal vulnerability to the impacts of climate change, volumes of climate finance (ODA) by country, and how specific risk and geographic groups fare.

17 May 2023

Still too important to fail: Addressing the humanitarian financing gap in an era of escalating climate impacts

The humanitarian funding gap continues to widen as the impacts of climate change exacerbate humanitarian need. This Oxfam discussion paper, with contributions from DI, sets out the need for renewed reform of humanitarian finance and the wider aid system.

4 November 2022

Climate adaptation finance to Africa: Key facts

This factsheet summarises climate-related funding flows to African countries, highlighting the major donors and recipients and the mix of financing across countries.

3 November 2022

Filling the gap: Addressing climate-driven crises in Pakistan

This briefing demonstrates how critical funding gaps in addressing climate change impacts must be filled to ensure resilience for vulnerable communities and countries.