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18 October 2012

Official development assistance: an essential guide

How much aid is there? Who provides it? Who implements it? Where does it go and what is spent on?

21 November 2012

South Sudan: resources for poverty eradication

The Republic of South Sudan became independent on 9 July 2011 and independence was preceded, in 2005 with the Comprehensive Peace Agreement.
12 July 2013

Global Humanitarian Assistance Report 2013

This tenth edition of the report provides the most up-to-date and comprehensive picture of global humanitarian financing, and describes some of the key trends and developments of the last decade.

1 August 2013

Private funding for humanitarian assistance

This Private Funding Report provides updated analysis of the money coming from private sources that contributed to the international humanitarian response

5 August 2013

The formation of the African Union

At the end of May 1963, half a century ago, the Organisation of African Unity (OAU) was established in Addis Ababa.

21 August 2013

Counting humanitarian aid delivered through the military

The last decade has seen an increased prevalence and normalised involvement of military actors in the delivery of humanitarian assistance.
28 August 2013

0.7% aid target factsheet

So far, only five countries have met or exceeded the target set by the UN General Assembly in 1970 for developed countries to give 0.7% of their GNI in ODA
20 September 2013

Official Development Assistance (ODA)

ODA totalled US$128 billion in 2012 - a substantial increase since 2000 Although ODA provided by DAC donors has fallen from a peak of US$137 billion in 201

22 September 2013

Investments to End Poverty

By Development Initiatives: analysis, evidence and data on all resources available to get to zero poverty by 2030. Report, data visualisations and more.