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Discussion paper
30 January 2015

Using foreign aid data to improve policy making in Nepal

Madhu collects and uses aid data from donors to ensure that the government is aware of the financial flows that are coming into the country. Having this aw

Discussion paper
29 January 2015

Gaza (3rd update)

Funding to Gaza has slowed significantly in recent months. The UN-coordinated appeal 2014 for the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt) is 47% funded, which
Discussion paper
21 January 2015


Internal armed conflict in Iraq has escalated since January 2014, displacing over 2 million people. In addition, Iraq is host to approximately 0.2 million
20 January 2015

Improving ODA allocation for a post-2015 world

Improving ODA allocation for a post-2015 world: Report from Development Initiatives. Looks at aid in the context of other financing for development.

Discussion paper
16 January 2015

Southern Africa floods

Since December 2014, heavy rainfall has caused widespread flooding across a number of Southern African countries. The largest impact of the flooding has be
Discussion paper
14 January 2015

West African Ebola crisis

The World Health Organisation (WHO) continues to report thousands of new cases of Ebola in West Africa every month; cases in Sierra Leone alone have consis
Discussion paper
7 January 2015

Sri Lanka flooding

On the 7th January 2015, we responded to a funding alert for the flooding in Sri Lanka. Heavy rains, landslides and prolonged floods in Sri Lanka have affe
5 January 2015

Aid and budget transparency training modules

Aid and budget training modules
24 November 2014

Together we can end poverty! Our progress and priorities in a changing world

Together we can end poverty! Our progress and priorities in a changing world